Guuuys!! I’m in such a jumpy mood today…like waaay jumpy! I have 2,000 plus views on my blog! Not even 5 months later !!!*doing the happy dance* I’m really excited and thankful for all of you who’ve constantly been checking in, sharing and leaving comments, Thank you so very much .

About 4 months ago, I started this blog for the fun of doing what I love but in writing…of course it’s not been a super duper smooth sail …sometimes I have a block, major block you guys… sometimes words flow…sometimes ideas come in the middle of the damn night …for crying out loud!!! …but mostly in the shower. Yes, this is the most constant of idea generating places for me. How charming.

Long dramatic story short, the 4 months and counting that I’ve had the honour and privilege to write to you guys have been nothing short of a beautiful blessing to me and today I can’t thank you enough.So much gratitude. You guys are the realest MVP’s.


*peace and laughter*



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    Pius k

    Never thought id be into reading blogs, but meetrendy has changed my perspective on reading blogs. Love reading it on my lunch breaks… Love it

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    Congratulations and Your most welcome, the hardest bit is to now keep it going with more intensity and creativity, always be true to self and don’t stop for anything. Where’s the PARTY!!!! At hehe.

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    Hey gal.it has been fantastic reading your article’s they are really inspiring and pray to God that he keeps on adding more and more into your brains in order to share with others.kudos baby.

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    Hey girl! How are you doing? Great meeting you here since YOTM. I’ve just found you blog and I’m falling in love with it. Good work you’re doing and keep on chasing your goal.
    That said, I’m a blogger too and it’s not easy at all generating new article every other time. There’s always a dry spell especially when you don’t have a keyword to write on. Sometimes I normally outsource contents.

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      Maryann Kariuki Post author

      Hey Erastus,thanks for reaching out!! yes it’s not easy but it’s all about pushing yourself a step further everyday, baby steps: ) You can send me the link to your blog i’ll check it out: )

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    I like what you’re doing, creating a personal brand from what you love, learnt… you have a vision in you which is inspiring. I might be your first client, or 10001, I don’t know.. Keep it up, really brave of you

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