An Interior Designer’s quarter -life crisis.


Guys, I feel like the ex who always came back and asked to be forgiven. The one who left you without giving any closure and now wants back into your life. In that case, please don’t take them back…but please, (insert dramatic pause) take me back. I’ll explain why I haven’t been around much.

*Assuming I’ve been forgiven*

Hey hey good people! I hope all of you have been having better, healthier and happier days! I have too although a little under the radar because…life hasn’t been a piece of cake. I’m talking about my quarter life crisis. What is that you wonder? In popular psychology, and in just a few examples; a quarter-life crisis is a period of life ranging in one’s twenties, after entering the ‘real world’ usually, after graduating from college, finding a new job and/or trying to discover ones purpose. You feel like life doesn’t feel like it’s supposed to. There are no moments of clarity. You ask God for help one day and then you’re yelling at Him the next. Accounting for your money, because you’ve now started paying bills becomes sickening. You look at your cat every single time and wonder why on earth it’s having such an easy life.

There is a very strange and awkward stage right after campus that no one told me about. Like, am I still a child? Am I an adult? Am I both? Am I the adulting child? (The last question makes more sense when you dramatically say it out loud). A stage where you’re expected to act like an adult but treated like a child by society so you feel lost in two very different worlds.

In the middle of all this confusion, you learn that the word ‘NO’ is actually a full sentence and when you use it, people surprisingly get offended. Family, friends, clients, your cat. Even though all you’re trying to do is figure your life out for a second there without necessarily being judged! You ask how this article is design related. It has everything to do with design.

I have been a freelance Interior Designer for a year and two months now. (Okay, calm down, calm down. Thank you for the applause) .I won’t sugar coat things here. It’s been hard, the bad days sometimes cloud the good days but if you’re doing what you love, you learn how to live past the bad days even if some nights may be longer than others.

My crisis started when I did my first ‘bad job,’ now, I have put quotes on that because it wasn’t really a bad job, but I had failed in ensuring quality control with my craftsman till the end. Wait, which is actually the description of a bad job. I was too confident in him and I ended up trusting that he would finish the teeny tiny last bit without my supervision, but he didn’t. That one final detail you do not supervise can be the point where your whole world turns upside down. It can be the difference between your being a great designer and a sub-standard one.

I was just about 3 months into the industry and everything had been flawless up until this particular job. Long story short. I took the hit. 100% of it and gave the client back, all the money they’d paid plus covered all the overhead expenses. Which did a number on me financially, emotionally, and in all the other explanatory words that end in –lly.

I had to take a lesson out of it though, and the lesson I learnt from that first loss was quality control and so I ensured I did this with all my other jobs. Yes, I made a second loss and uuum… yes, a third (oh come on don’t look at me like that) but the different losses were due to different factors. The lessons never stop I guess, until the student becomes the teacher. Also, to support my case, guys, Goliath was the best thing that ever happened to David. As a matter of fact, the north winds made the Vikings. See, I am just a diamond under pressure here. Give me some credit.

Sometimes you’re really not sure of what you want, or what’s right for you so I have been experimenting a lot with other ventures as well, and anything that I thought I could try I did, I have done, I am still doing. Striking a balance between the things life throws at you is not as easy as black and white. It’s not as easy as that lemonade people talk about. You have to re-adjust and unlearn what you think you know.

I’ve also been looking to further my studies and pursue a Master’s degree because the force has finally awakened inside me, and it is the mother of tasks that no one tells you about. Not only in terms of what subject you pick but also whether it is the right choice for you as an individual. So I’ve been spending my free time doing research, making applications and doing assignments that come with the said applications. As we speak (are we really speaking?), I’m trying to beat a deadline for one application with only one step to go but that step is the hardest. So I’ve been hop, skip and jumping from one deadline to another.

Guys, what I’m trying to say is, when you’re trying to excel in your career, balance work projects, maintain a social life, exercise, drink enough water, text everyone back, stay sane, survive and be happy, you can cave to the pressures of life so bad and before that happens, you need to take time out . Take just that one step back and catch a breath, because honey, you are doing better than you think. Even when where you are is not where you wanted to be by your standards or societies standards. I have made losses, I have made profits but the most important thing I’ve done over the year is to learn and one of the best things I’ve learnt is that; it’s okay to catch a breath. Unplug.

In my opinion, more professionals need to talk in depth about what they go through/are going through in their professional journey in order to help the younger and upcoming ones who look up to them have a smoother sail knowing that the hits and misses are all part of the process and nothing to worry about. The most important thing is to learn. So I’ve been taking the lessons as they come and I have become such a nature lover too! Something about being in the great outdoors gives you a breath of fresh air (quite literally).

In conclusion, I’ve decided to write some of the issues I’m facing in my professional journey as full articles because I think it might help a soul or two. So look out for my next articles peeps!

As always, peace and laughter! : )



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