Area rugs-by Brenda Angwenyi


Happy Monday everyone!!! So a couple of months ago, I met a Kenyan interior design content creator, Brenda Angwenyi, and we clicked almost instantly. She is an amazing soul with so much life and good vibes. Is there anything as so much life really though? Well, maybe once you meet her you just might understand what exactly I’m talking about. She has an interior design blog (Frankie & Bren) and you my people, definitely have to check it out!

I’m featuring one of her articles today; great information, so simply written and definitely useful to anyone who has been wondering how to style/ place their area rugs! Yay! Simply put, rugs are an easy way to liven your floors up while keeping warm areas you mostly interact with in your space. So how do you lay them out and have people who walk into your space feel like they walked into a Voguesque lifestyle shoot?

Here’s how…..

  1. All furniture feet on the rug. Why? Because it gives a clean-cut, orderly look that separates the sitting area from the rest of the  room.all feet                                                                All furniture is on the rug(
  2. Front feet on the rug. This works well when especially the color of the rug is close to the floor color. It helps to blend the rug and the floor subtly yet beautifully. Also works well if one side of the furniture is close to the wall.front feet
  3. 2 inches from rug to the furniture. Remember when we used to draw a square in a square while in school? This is something like that.from wall to furniture                                                      2 inches from the rug to the furniture. (
  4. Few inches from the wall.from wall                                                             Few inches from the wall. (
  5. 2/3 inches around a particular piece of furniture e.g. a bed or dining table. Why not pick a piece of furniture that you need to accentuate and place a rug under it?2 3 inches around
  6. Multiple rugs. If you have multiple areas especially sitting areas that you want to bring specific attention to, then you can place more than one rug for the areas.multiple rugsMultiple Rugs (

I hope you enjoyed reading through and learnt one or two new tricks on how to add character to your space using area rugs!Have a beautiful week people!

Peace & laughter.

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