Hello good people!! It’s properly gorgeous Sunday afternoon isn’t it? I’m just sitting here…totally Zen, feeling like it’s one of those days I have to write something, need to write something …anything. Then I look around me , start re-organizing stuff, moving things from one point to another, putting things in boxes … de-owning… letting go. People who know me really well know how bad of a hoarder I am, I attach emotions to everything I own so it becomes quite hard for me to let go, I always feel like I might need that particular something on a rainy day and find the need to need everything (if that even makes sense) just so I don’t let go. I basically have pack rat tendencies if I’m to give this ‘thing’ a more psychologically savvy title. Anyone offering shrink services here? I might need one…

I get it from my Mama though(Thanks Mum…), it’s kind of genetic (yes, Google it, you can be genetically pre-disposed to hoarding) we have plates and glasses at home that are older than I am and we actually never use them ,they just sit there feeling important and I remember growing up, breaking one would mean that there was going to be war reigning in that house for a couple of minutes that day .Well, the war was mostly not mine to deal with …see, my brother always got the beatings for things I did (Thanks bro…).

So that aside, getting rid of excess stuff can do you and those around you a World of good. From promoting your relaxation, helping others through donating stuff that you have in excess, purifying the air around you by giving you more space to stimulating creativity (who knew)! So I came up with some simple and effective de-cluttering tips for hoarders like myself; to transform your space from a hostile encounter to a beautiful mess!

  1. Learn how to store –This is the basis of de-cluttering people! So I have 2 pointers under this:

(i)Look for containers that are best together by stacking-this helps maximize storage space and floor space by keeping things together and makes everything look neater.

(ii)Square storage containers are a better storage option because they maximize space well. Round containers give up a few inches on each side and will never fit flush against a wall (since most of our walls are angled at 90 degrees).container

  1. If you haven’t used it in a while, it needs to go!-This just goes to show how much you really don’t need that particular item, so pack it up! Let it go!
  2. Avoid duplicates-Duplicates are major space wasters so avoid them as much as possible. You don’t need to have 4 flour mixers and 4 blenders you know.
  3. Practice the one in, one out rule-If you buy say, a nice shirt that you really couldn’t resist thrifting or passing by at the shop, then go home and give one away. This ensures that you always have room for something new without making you feel like you’re at a loss.
  4. Donate, almost immediately- I realized I got use for something every time I planned to give it out, if I packed it and let it stay within my reach. Leading to my unpacking it and thinking how silly of an idea it was for me to want to let it go in the first place. So when you want to give something away, pack it and give it out immediately! Look on the bright side; donating will help someone in need and will make someone somewhere smile: ).
  5. Give yourself time –Even Rome wasn’t built in a day. You need time to think through stuff you need and those you don’t need. Have a 15 minute everyday rule; It takes longer to completely de-clutter a room but a short burst of de-cluttering means you won’t get overwhelmed with the task and eventually, you’ll begin to see results and then you can reschedule your time to once in 3 days, then weekly then monthly! Make each session a sprint, not a marathon. It goes a long way.
  6. Focus on one room first then go to another-This is more effective than de-cluttering a little bit here and a little bit there. Finishing with one space first leaves it looking neater instead of leaving half done spaces.
  7. Make storage poofs-I recently discovered that this makes for such a great idea for de-cluttering. We mostly use poofs to rest our legs on or to sit on, but instead of using them for only one task, we could make some that offer storage spaces inside, which can be great for storing toys for the kids after use instead of leaving them lying around.img-20161030-wa0021
  8. Last but not least, use the four box method- When re-organizing your space, make four boxes [keep, sell/donate, store and trash] and toss stuff in them just as they are labeled!

With that in mind, I’m starting my journey as a recovering hoarder, as queer as that may sound. I won’t particularly take oaths about that but I believe in myself…okay, let me re-phrase that, I am trying to believe in myself, on this particular issue. I shall overcome…we, shall overcome.

You’ve got to stay busy if you want to be a rain-maker right? So start getting busy by making yours a clutter free space! And remember to think of your things as utility first and sentimental value second.

                                                                                      *Peace and laughter *



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