Hey guys so this is probably the last article I’m writing this month in regards to Movember *sobs*.I won’t even lie that I haven’t had fun doing the Man month! I have had so much fun and secretly wish November could be a bit longer for us…but oh well.

So I decided to conclude the month by writing what I should probably have started with …but I just didn’t feel like it…you feel me? I wasn’t in the zone back then, but today I’m in the zooone!

What to look for when you’re designing your house as a dude.

Six words, ´I put thought into my home. ’

Masculine design can be seen in textures, colors and materials used. There’s two ways to it; the setup needs to be optimal for both a guy’s night watching the game and for when you’re nestling in for a quiet date night.

Elements such as dark tanned leather, exotic woods, steel, glass and natural stone, warm metallics like gold or brass and oxidized metal have a calm way of saying ‘bachelor pad.’ While leather and wood similarly evoke warmth, metal’s sleek finish provides a balancing contrast in your space making it feel cozy and giving it that expensive modern- day -man look.

When it comes to shapes, you can never ever…ever go wrong with a strong geometric pattern. The trick is in the clean lines and sharp edges. Geometric prints are solid and always a safe bet when seeking to add a bit of pattern to your space as well.

When it comes to colour, the rule of thumb is to avoid pastels (mostly pinks and purples).The easiest place to incorporate color is through decorative accessories like artwork, lighting and throw pillows. Yes, throw pillows…I told you they are not girly accessories, and if you think they are, then make your own from say, a t-shirt fabric from your favourite football, hockey, basketball team…you name it, or find darker fabrics that float your boat but be sure to add some complexity to your arrangement by throwing a strong orange, red or yellow in the mix…just one or two.

When it comes to furniture, don’t hesitate to spend money on good quality furniture; you’ll probably own it longer than you think. Find furniture that reflects your personal style and also, look out for furniture pieces that are more geometric rather than curvy in shape and like I said in the previous post, if it isn’t comfortable, then it might as well be on display at a museum. So it has to be super comfy.

Last piece of wisdom guys, don’t be afraid to downsize some pieces and go over-the-top with others and pay attention to finding colours and textures that complement each other .That’s how you create a masculine yet refined setting to entertain or relax in.

PS: Your surroundings can have a profound effect on your mood and well-being. I’m not saying you dump everything you have now and go big…the manly way, no dears…start small…baby steps…manly baby steps.

Happy Wednesday everyone!!Much love from yours truly: )

*Peace and laughter*

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