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Traveling to a new destination has to be one of the best things life has to offer. It can be therapeutic, invigorating, a chance to learn a new culture, meet new people and get great inspirations for a next project you’re working on. I don’t know about you but…I love traveling a whole lot and keeping memories of a place I have visited is one of my hobbies, if a hobby at all. Whether in picture form, a book I bumped into while there, a rock, a cat, a human being…basically anything and everything. I just love memories, the good ones of course. So, I have this exciting project that I’ve been meaning to share with you guys for this beautiful month of October. Travel inspired designs for your spaces!

It feels really good sometimes when you’re away from home, comfort zones, routines and schedules. Taking that trip out of town or going away on holiday to a new place and all? The problem only comes when you’re back home, back to your normal life of routines, that busy life…then the post-holiday blues set in. I have been through that so many times till I found a brilliant way of stopping those blues before they even started! By decorating my space with travel inspired themes/collections.

When decorating a space with a travel theme, it is easy to get clumsy thereby quickly transforming your space from sleek and modern to tacky and unappealing. The secret around this is to pick particular areas to display your collections especially if they are probably a bit large, i.e. furniture or that vintage suitcase you just couldn’t keep your eyes off, rather than dedicating the entire room to the theme, to avoid clutter and the “you shouldn’t have done this” comments when your friends come to visit. Keep those types of bulk accessories to a minimum or consider placing a single travel-themed accessory in the room and then make sure that everything matches the existing décor scheme of your space even when you randomly collect.


Ideas that can get you started;

-Displaying artistic or vintage postcards, maps, tickets to concerts you’ve been to, flight tickets to that destination you always dreamt of  is a very easy and innovative way to change the interior design of any home. Showing them off in funky frames and clusters on the wall is a fun idea to make memories, don’t you think?

-Jars of sand, shells and pebbles from that beach holiday you had to partake in are most definitely another great way to add ambience to any room while also adding memories to the house. For shells and pebbles, go ahead and collect as many as you want…do fun creative things on them like funky paint works, storing your small accessories in them i.e. cuff links and earrings…just generally bringing a bit of an edgy, creative, all about fun living to your space, and by the way, shells make for excellent small candle holders as well! You know those small scented candles in those tiny metallic frames? Those ones.


-Have a wall of fame, a wall with photos that you’ve collected during your travel or some that you’ve taken of yourself, family and friends, landscapes…and try print them on canvas for a modern look!

-Collect a unique, finely sculptured vase that you can’t find back where you come from, put your flowers in it, pebbles, coins…anything.


-An old vintage camera makes for a very stylish accessory, purchase one from your favourite destination…you’ll even be luckier if someone gives it to you : )


Collect literally anything and then thank me the next time you have a cocktail party at your house and you know that split second in life when you feel famous? That moment of fame when they ask, you clear your throat, stand tall and start explaining to your people how well you’ve traveled and collected interesting masterpieces because I’m sure they’ll ask about your great selection. The bragging rights will be yours for the taking, and child, proudly seize that moment.

Happy New Month everyone: ) and feel free to share more ways on how you display your collected treasures: )

Don’t just travel…be a crafty traveler. Be a Collector. Keep those memories…Design.






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