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A friend of mine uses beer shampoo for his hair. Like shampoo made from real beer you guys. Fancy cool kid living huh.

Okay, after writing that it’s when it’s hit me that, that is actually totally unrelated to today’s article. Unbelievable. But yo…jokes on you. I will even go an extra mile to post the image for that bottle here, so let’s just calm down with judginess (this is most probably not an English word) here and look at this objectively, I’ve done an act of kindness today by sharing… humans of the male species, you’re welcome.


:  )

Now now, back to what matters. I love restaurants. Now more than ever because they inspire me to write about concepts I see and fall in love with. So this past week I was craving a burger and I stopped at one joint with a friend to at least have a decent one and catch up. What met my eyes immediately we set foot was this gorgeous burnt orange wall with framed black and white pictures braced on it, with a painted white short brick wall to its sides and then loosely hanging industrial themed lights to mildly illuminate the gallery wall. The high tables with brilliant white surfaces and wooden brown seats made the theme look even better. Such a 70’s, undeniably classic, edgy and simple design concept!


someone guess what restaurant this is? : )

Generally, if you want the same concept, you can arrange your gallery wall symmetrically (proportional halves-streamlined) or asymmetrically (not proportional -eclectic).Whichever way looks better to you but the good thing is that you get to be creative about it because design is definitely not limited to two options only! That said, here are images that will help you guys with the arrangements just in case it gets a little hard to form your own patterns.




images courtesy of Pinterest

You can decide on the theme of your photo wall, baby photos, family memories ,vacation photos, vintage car collection…basically anything and everything will look pretty cool when stack together and if you were wondering how to pimp that empty and sad wall, hallway, or your stairway, then having a gallery wall is the way to go!


image courtesy of Pinterest

*Peace and laughter*



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