Happy birthday us!!!


Guys! Guys! Today marks a year since the inception of meetrendy.com. ! I am beyond happy and thankful for how far we’ve come. So happy with my audience and the unfailing feedback and support I’m given by you guys. I am really thankful.

I remember starting from a single subscriber…then 5…then 10 and now we’re at 57 subscribers!

Meetrendy.com ‘s viewers have over time made me have so much gusto to write weekly, no matter how crazy-mad my days get with work and you know…life . My style of expository writing…as I’d like to call it has been inspired by the comments that stream in from the viewers because they are ever increasing with every waking moment and I’m looking forward to what this new year brings us. So, once again, thank you.

In other relevant news on Meetrendy.com today…the girl who authors the page *drum rolls*…ME!! Has her birthday today toooo! I’m turning a year younger of course and I am so excited!!! The past year had so many lessons and moulded me into such a bold woman of today, something I’m really proud of. Regrets? None whatsoever. I made memories from the little moments, I lived, I loved, I travelled…not as much, but something great happened with that time… growth.

It’s a beautiful day.

Kenya also has a new Mr. President!!! I mean, talk about sharing important milestones with important people.

So, this is how we’re gonna do today. Cake …a glass of wine, maybe two glasses…okay, three maximum. Fine…fine, a whole bottle then. Did someone say bottle? I meant cask * wink*.


Yours sincerely,

Peace and Laughter always.

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