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Cool people, adulting is hard, I’m still trying to break even and find more time to write and deliver content to you more frequently amidst tight schedules (not complaining though) .Soon enough, I’ll figure it all out. So, my apologies and I hope all of you my favourite’s, have been well 🙂

Let’s come up to speed with what I’d been up to while I was away.

Two weeks ago, myself and two other industry players organized what we dubbed a coffee+ interiors meet and greet and we invited a small group of students in Interior design from different academic institutions and industry players to come and join us for an evening of discussion and networking and I’m proud to say that it was such a success. We had amazing sponsors for our event, Saint Gobain , a leading manufacturer in a variety of construction and high-performance materials who were kind enough to avail their showroom to us, provide tea and snacks and also talk to us about their products.

The aim of this meet up was to try and find a way in which we could provide interior design students or professionals with an active forum where they could voice their opinions and matters regarding the profession, in a way which would help us all positively move forward. It turned out to be a learning opportunity for all of us and we decided to take it from that perspective. To form a platform to support Interior Design students and graduates to connect with manufactures, suppliers and all the team players of our industry so as to become better in what we do.

This was also motivated by the fact that, when I graduated from campus, I had a hard time adjusting to the outside world, (which I am sure is the case with most of the fresh graduates). I realized that I knew absolutely nothing and I had to go back to ground zero, re-adjust and start learning my profession afresh, because our curriculum did not cover almost everything the real world teaches you. It only covered a fraction of the whole. I still am learning but I wish my role as an interior designer was more clearly outlined when I was in Campus because out here, you’re on your own. They assume of course, that you know it all which you don’t and therefore you have to learn on the job which sometimes can be arduous.

We are also that one profession in construction where every other body/profession feels the need to represent. Everyone else feels that they can do what we can do; for instance;

On one hand we struggle with clients because they believe their ‘fundi’ can do that job and on the other, we struggle with other construction related professionals who feel like they can also, do our job. Where does this lead us? With no job opportunities after going through our hard earned diplomas, degrees or masters in interior design. This needs to be corrected.


It’s good to have a good laugh sometimes : )

Therefore, from the meet we agreed to have Continuous professional development events, industry relevant and educational information that will help each one of us become more in touch with the industry.

We had our first of an educational meet with a manufacturer, Saint Gobain and most of us got to be in the know about so many products that we’d never heard about before. We got to learn on innovative building and interior finish technologies that most of us have already pitched to one or two of our clients I’m sure.


Cedric, one of the speakers from Saint Gobain.

So, if anyone here is reading this and they think/ know that they can help in one way or another, then let me know! Your gesture will be highly appreciated.


The whole team 

This is the beginning of something beautiful : )

*peace and laughter*



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    You look so radiant! Having a career that makes you smile is quite a blessing. It truly is the beginning of something really beautiful. Shine your way, dear!

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