Lantern makeover DIY


Happy Saturday people! I trust you had a better week this week and February is being kind to you!

This lantern makeover was the simplest DIY ever but it took the longest time to get completed because I happened to take the wrong spray paint colour from the store. Well, not my fault entirely because I asked for my usual gold spray paint, but …this time I felt the urge to go plain gold and not metallic gold just to see what the difference was. So I took home the gold spray paint then started on the work as excited as ever but then half way down the line, I noticed that the colour looked a bit off…okay, waaaay off! It was green!! some boring shade of green (no offense green, I have nothing against you) and it’s funny how I kept telling myself…maybe one more layer and it’s going to be golden…something might happen…just one more… then half the can later.

So I had to call the guys at the store for an exchange, luckily they believed me without having to add a penny (sometimes it’s hard to believe my face when I’m telling the truth…so I really struggle with this).

What I want you to learn here from that mini story of mine guys is that, before making a purchase on any paint and in our case spray paints, ask the guys at the store to lend you a piece of paper that you can use to test if the colour is right! It saves you so much time that you could have put in better use. Learn from my mistake  : )

After changing the spray paint,they gave me one from a different company, which i’m now a fan of compared to the previous one I used because it sticks so firmly to the surface and has a smoother finish! My texture for the wine bottles DIY was a little bit rough even though I sprayed the coats evenly. And no…they haven’t paid me for promotion.

What you need for the lantern makeover;

  1. Lantern(s).


2. Spray paint.


The new spray paint the gold colour name was 18k gold

      3. Wet paper/piece of cloth.


  1. Remove the glass casing from the lanterns to avoid breakage or tampering with them.


2. Clean the lanterns with some soap and water to remove the dirt, greasy feel and to avoid having bumps when spray painting.

3.Cover the paraffin inlet/outlet point with a cloth, preferably a mildly wet (not dripping) one so it holds on. I used wet        newspaper.

4. Begin to spray paint evenly your first coat and leave it at that if you want a vintage- ish look, mine looked a bit dull because it had a green layer beneath but go to the second coat if you want a shiny and more vibrant look. I loved this second one more.





i did one with two layers then the other with a single layer so that you get to choose /see how you’d like yours to look.


5. Leave them out to dry then display your master pieces  : )

So much love for you guys, I hope you try that out! happy weekending!

*Peace and laughter*




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