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Hello good people! So first of all, my sincere apologies for the past two weeks if you guys tried to log into the site but couldn’t get through. Something went wrong and it took a while before the issue got sorted, but we’re now set and I missed you guys!

I’m a strong believer that your early 20’s are meant to be the years where you try out new and fun things (well, aside from drugs…drugs are bad) and go into some wild adventure of self-discovery before life gets a little too serious. You feel me?

Short story.., I have always loved art, I, am in love with art , I collect art and I’ve always had such a strong admiration for people who can create art pieces…I fall in love with the artists emotions and what they were thinking/going through especially when making abstract pieces. With all this love I have for art, I’ve never tried it myself but I’ve always wanted to.

So guess what? 2 weeks ago I was at the farm with my Mum and my big brother and I saw a lady bird resting on a leaf, I hadn’t seen a lady bird in ages, I honestly think the last time I saw one was when I was a kid and so I was super excited and begun taking photos of it with my phone. Taking photos of that tiny creature made me feel so artistic. Over- confident about it even. Ha-Ha, so then I told my Mum jokingly that I’ve always wanted to be an artist and these were her exact words ‘you can be anything you want to be’ and then we laughed and laughed and laughed because we both knew how I’ve never even tried drawing anything, but her words really made me consider it, just for fun you know?

So, I bought a sketch pad and a pencil.

Day 1: My first sketch was hilarious…not in a good way, it was the “what on earth is this” kind of hilarious. You should’ve seen how proud I was showing it around though. Nothing sat right with it, but it was my first piece as a self-proclaimed artist and I loved it!

Day 2: Guys, have you ever tried to draw a ladies face but then again you get a blend of an Egyptian goddess with a hint of man instead? To put everything into perspective, I will show you some of the first sketches, promise not to laugh too hard though.





I still didn’t give up.




Day 3: I got my shading right! Then I realized that art is all about falling in love with your characters face/ body especially if you love portraits. It’s all about studying them and falling in love with how light falls on their features then manipulating exactly what you see, on paper.


‘lady autumn’

On my 3rd day of teaching myself how to see and interpret a characters face, I sold my first drawing after I got the confidence to post it out there. Sounds unbelievable right? A friend of mine saw it, fell in love with it almost more than I even had. She called it ‘Inner peace. ‘ It was so surreal for me because I was doing it all for fun. After the first purchase, another one of my friends asked me to draw for him a lady Praying but not to look too obvious…i didn’t know how to do this but I did it anyway and I called it ‘The Prayer.’ There’s something about doing what you love that gives you the fuel to just do more and so now I try to do two pieces a week because making art is my new happy place.


‘Inner peace’


Still haven’t found a name for this one yet…ha-ha.


And this one too…: )


‘The Prayer’

I love the messages people convey with their facial expressions even without meaning to. So for now I’m doing portraits but then again adding some bit of a twist to them and it is so much fun! Well, art is what you can get away with no matter how it looks! Ha-ha.

I don’t know what else my curious self is gonna jump into but I cannot wait to experiment and have a good time while at it!

This week, try and do something you’ve always wanted to do and remember that you can be anything you want to be, at whatever age: ).Be inspired.

Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding…make even more art

                                                                                                                          -Andy Warhol


                                                                                                            ‘peace & laughter’




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