luxury on floor- Decorative tiles.


Last week I met the love of my life…the food court floor at The Hub (Karen, Kenya).

I was walking with my big brother in search for food after a long day of work and then he happened to mention that we should go see some food stall he had designed and built at The Hub (still one of my most favourite malls…thinking about its Architecture helps me sleep better at night).So we went and then …let’s just say I now believe in love at first site. The food court there has one of the most simplistic designs and still delivers the most beautiful works of art.


I’d love to particularly point out the floor tiles employed at this particular space. The Moroccan tile design concept. A mix of decorative patterns, geometric designs, and elaborate mosaics to create a captivating patchwork design on the floor. If one doesn’t appreciate art, then they would think that this particular floor design is just too busy and everywhere (you know how Kenyans describe things “ilikua kila mahali”) to mean there was no yin to the yang…ha-ha,



But… notice how the walls, chairs, light stands are plain white, columns are a solid black totally breaking the monotony of the ‘busy’ pattern on the floor? The beautiful work of art on the wall, made of boards (we talked about these boards an article ago)? Marrying into each other like they were just meant to be together. Colour co-ordination…check, aesthetics …check. Reminds me of a bathroom design I saw and stored in my gallery a while back which took in the same concept of ‘mismatched’ tiles…see how beautiful it is? Or …is it just me?


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

I was mostly used to these kinds of decorative tiles being used in kitchens, bathrooms, pantry areas/rooms and just basically spaces with minimal floor or wall space but clearly…there’s no limit to using such gorgeous tiles!


image courtesy of Pinterest


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I’ll do an article on coloured floors soon enough! I’ve just realized how broad floor concepts are!Yaaaay.

Happy Saturday you awesome people!

*peace and laughter*


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