Hi people!! So this article is just one of the hilarious stuff I bump into and since it is still November and men get to be the centre of attention up in the blog…I decided to post up some of the funniest man cave rules I came across over the past few days! Some like:

  1. The remote is mine.
  2. Bring hot chicks.
  3. Bring divorce updates.( LOL! )
  4. No whining allowed.
  5. The man is always right.
  6. What happens in the cave stays in the cave.
  7.  Hydrate with beer.
  8. Scratch where it itches (who on earth came up with this one).
  9. No chick flicks.
  10. No crying.
  11. My team wins.
  12. Belch freely (eerm…gross!)
  13. Selective hearing only.(HA!)
  14. Talking about feelings earns lifetime ban (OH! please!)
  15. Flatulence encouraged.
  16. Toilet seat stays up.
  17. Showering is optional.
  18. No girls allowed unless they have food!

LOL! Rule #3 and #14 totally got me there.

Happy Tuesday awesome people!

*peace and laughter*



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    What about converting a room he likes hanging out in into a man cave that will make him proud to invite his friends over?

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