The ultimate crib

They say getting a man organized is like herding a cat or pushing a rock uphill…*insert evil laugh* but guys, don’t gang up against me…I’m on your side, I think different. That’s why I gathered some few pointers on a few cool things you should consider having in your crib… and probably to help you land a partner…or two, because you are a cool guy like that.

  1. .Beer bottle opener and cap catcher– Well, maybe my priorities are a little bit twisted but…forget the old time bottle opener. This is a must have cool thing! And you can make one on your own! Wall mounted or freestanding. Anything goes but I prefer the wall mounted one since it’s enough stress and struggle to hold the bottle opener and bottle at the same time. Choose one struggle. Mount it on the wall. The coolest part is that others even have a magnet so as soon as the cap tries to fall down into oblivion, it’s caught by the magnet!


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  1. DIY jack Daniels soap dispenser– I saw this and I laughed hard! Had to share it with you guys. The best part is you get to drink the whisky first!


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  1. Futon- As they say, this is the Holy Grail of functional furniture! Guys, a futon is not a sign that you cannot afford a ‘real’ bed and that therefore, you are poor.NO. They convert into a bed from being a sofa…you know, transformer like properties and all. If your space is not big enough to accommodate both a sofa and a bed for visitors, then this is exactly what you need.
  1. Key tray– Remember the last time you ran late to go pick your date up because you couldn’t remember the last place you saw your car keys/or house keys? Well yes, it’s because you didn’t have a key tray. Buy one!
  1. A tool kit – My guy, I’ll let you in on a little secret… three words: Women. Love .Fixers. Even if you’re not, pretend that you are by having a tool kit. One with about six screwdrivers, pliers, a bottle opener, a wire cutter, and more.
  1. A first aid kit– You can never be too on a budget to lack a first aid kit in your house. Very essential guys, and should be kept in the kitchen because that’s where most accidents happen.
  1. Mini fridge– A fridge full of beer not included, how else are you going to store your leftovers? Tell me.
  1. TV– It doesn’t have to be a B.A.T (big ass TV).Just something to enjoy watching the news on and a game with your boys.
  1. Bathroom essentials– A memory foam bath mat is the perfect after shower landing zone, invest in one. We also know that a drink holder is necessary for the man cave bathroom but I shall not really get into that for fear of victimization. Other than those two special demands, there’s a whole lot you need in your bathroom, air freshener, soap holder, area rug and at least a mirror.
  1. Mini book shelf- I cannot emphasize this enough! A bookshelf should be in your house whether your house is a mini man cave or not! A book is what, like 100/- or less thrift market price? You have no reason to not have a stacked book shelf somewhere in your house. Lie to us that you read.

You can add on any other items you consider necessary in a bachelor pad in the comments section below. Happy Friday good people! I wish you nothing but the best weekend ahead!

PS: Don’t throw away that Jack Daniel’s bottle this Friday! *wink wink*

*Peace and laughter*



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