My abstract lounge design concept


Hello good peeps! I hope you’re all having an amazing mid-week like I am! I have nothing to vent about today…the universe has been pretty kind to me, I’m moved.

So as I promised last week, today I present to you the design I talked about in the last article published. It’s the first ever concept design I’ve done and posted on the blog! It’s finally done and I love it. Some may call it unconventional design, but I love unconventional. I Love what my brain was thinking. I love that my mind had independence to think and create whatever it wanted. I love the high walls, the waves of dark splashes of colour, the monotones, decreasing and increasing in intensity and all the ‘crazy’ that’s in the space.


To me it’s a lounge, call it an art lovers lounge but it can be anything, depending on the type of furniture one would want to employ in the space to add character. All I knew is that I wanted to marry the colours black (although they say that black isn’t really a colour) and white with hints of gold to the space, high walls to give contrast and perspective in comparison to the accessories in the space; furniture and art works included and a very…very artistic feel. For the furniture, I was leaning towards a rustic feel, the irregular shaped tree stumps to inspire the form and lighting bulk head and the golden table with a mirror glass top.



The walls were my most favourite in the space, especially the one with the hands. Something about those hands, hands matter.Ha-ha. Overall, i felt like the walls came together in certain harmony…I can’t explain them much really.They are more of a visual aspect, than anything else.

The floor was actually a drag and drop ‘mistake’ that ended up not being a mistake at all, I love how its detail blended well with the walls and the rest of the space. The large windows were particularly placed there in order to give the users of the space a mood setting idea of nature and consequently, offering nature therapy. The walls, being twice as high as the norm can make one feel unsafe, insecure or constantly as though ‘someone’s watching’ so having a window large enough to see the vast land, nature, trees, birds and the sky would make one feel grounded, in touch with nature, safe and relaxed. The orientation of the room also allowed for just enough sunlight in without much beaming or glaring therefore, bringing about a comfortable/ substantial amount of the outdoors, indoors.


I love spaces that give your eyes a chance to wander and curiously look around, not necessarily giving your eyes an excuse to focus on one particular wall, object or furniture and I feel like this one gave me just that although, at some point I felt like it needed more or less. I was torn between the two. So, what do you guys think? More or less?

I also tried a golden window frame instead of an all black one, this was my first try but… i bet i prefer the black one more. Thoughts?


Last but not least, I used two design softwares to come up with the concept:

ArchiCAD 18; for modelling the concept.

Artlantis Studio 5; for fine edits and actualizing the space (rendering).

So, tell me what you think guys, and have yourselves a lovely rest of the week!



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    Eugenia Wambui

    Heeeeey cousin, my trendy bunny 😉 …
    Honestly your ideas are on point, I love the crazy idea. It makes me actually appreciate art 😉 .So about the black and the goldish door, on my side I’d be okay with both but mostly prefer the gold one because there is too much black compared to the gold…
    To allow the lights and the door reflect to the space provided in a touching sense. But the black one is also fine…

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      Maryann Kariuki Post author

      You should most definitely appreciate art…it is life! And thank you very much for the ideas and insight, I see you’re gonna do really well in the interior design path that you’re taking * wink *.

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