My fave space concepts from Black Panther-The movie


Happy SaturYAAAY ! Fam, I finally watched Black Panther! I know, I know, too late to the party but I made it anyway! I must admit though, I thought the hype about it would make me not enjoy the movie but I did! So much actually and the funniest bit is that I got lost in some scenes because I was so busy being jaw dropped by the Afro-futurism theme, Architecture and Interior design concepts. They were that good so I thought why not write an article about it?!

But, before we even get to that, did you guys know that the Afro- futurist Architecture of Wakanda was inspired by the late Iraqi-British  Architect  Zaha Hadid and the Buckingham palace? Zaha Hadid was such a phenomenal Architect and her inspirational work still lives on! She makes me want to climb on my feminist high horse and … ( I don’t know what i’m going to do after the climb but, maybe shout about her greatness from high up?) She graced the world with her mark; contemporary icon architecture and she’ll forever be an inspiration. The Production Designer for Black Panther, Hannah Beachler also did such a great job ( how would I have written this article without her space ideas! ) and she’s most definitely one of my favourite female icons now! The future is so female…I can’t even.

So now that I’ve rubbed my energy on you, here are my 4 favourite Interior Design scenes, in no particular order :

M’Baku’s Throne room.



The throne to one of the followers of the white gorilla cult. One of Wakanda’s greatest warriors and leader of the Jabari tribe. Everything was so natural with this space. From the polished wooden parquet flooring, to the wooden throne and the hanging tree logs held together by sisal ropes. Natural wood has never looked so beautiful in a space before (well, it has, but I just have to say that for the culture).That said, does anyone have an objection about this space? ( Scans a room where i’m sited all alone). No one? I thought so too.

T’Challa’s throne room.


It is impossible not to be smitten with this space. My best feature being the high walls with powerful moving lines but also exploring possible interfaces between patterns and construction. Intimate, yet…distant. An architect-ed interior. This room just commanded respect and expressed power. I was so in love with it! The golden columns and the glass panel flooring were also so surreal. I could go on, but my words have escaped me.

Princess Shuri’s Tech Lab.


Please be the first to cast the stone if you think this space is not magnificent! I mean look at it. For me, it was more about the prints than the space actually. I loved the concept. It just brought some calm playfulness in Shuri’s rather serious lab. Most of the scenes were actually adorned in some African print magic and they married together so beautifully. The black and white print coupled with a hint of coloured print made the space oh so glorious!

T’Challa’s office.


Before you judge my taste, take a look at the incredible detail on the wall. Again with the prints. There is so much going on with this space so you have to take every detail in its bit and analyze it. The natural and unbleached animal hide rugs on the floor, the patterned ceiling to floor curtain, the African masks on the wall, the rather modern pendant light fixtures, the massive book shelf, and that intricate scale model of  Wakanda . What I loved most about this space is that it was dripping in African detail, we don’t see that much in movies right? It paid homage to the Motherland, creating a different narrative for Africa and that was quite beautiful to me.

So hey, I have a fun- Saturday- girlfriend catch up session to go for. Enjoy reading the article !

PS: All images used on this article are courtesy of Pinterest.

*As always, peace and laughter*


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