Before I joined design school, I seriously wanted to be a lawyer, a lawyer who was a journalist so yes, I had applied to a few media schools too, then I heard a few friends talking about how I’d have to wear official clothes to law school, every… single… day, and I loathed the idea of me in official attire…ever, have 7-5 classes, in future have to ask innocent human beings questions with strictly yes or no answers in a court of law just to trap them and probably cry myself to sleep because of the guilt ,let’s just say law is not for the weak hearted, not saying I’m weak at heart but, we can look at this obvious basis for comparison…if my friend got into a brawl,…I’d offer moral support.(Someone has to be the witness, right?)

I’m pretty sure I wanted to be an open-heart surgeon at some point but then again, I thank God for my awesome family who delivered me from my frenzy, somehow discovered that I fit in the design world and decided to ask me to give it a shot and as they say…the rest is history (I’ve been meaning to use that line for a very long time now, thanks for the opportunity.)


My first two days in design school were like something in a dream, let’s start by acknowledging the fact that my classes would end by noon, every…single…day, and then a moment of silence for the person who took his precious time, sat down, thought and thought and thought deeply and decided to invent Geography and Chemistry as a unit in class,…I mean, what was he/she thinking? I respect that they were probably trying to be overly ambitious with our course work…but, I never understood how rocks and moles helped me become a better person in high school so what made it seem like my third eye was finally open and I could see how they made sense to me and finally get a hung of them in campus??Specifically studying design? Luckily, the devastating good looks and killer charms of a minimum 40 mark is all you needed to not get a supplementary exam, and that 40…we strived to achieve.

Over and above that, there were lots of sleepless nights, lots of research needed to be done, books to read, friendships at stake, accompanied by tones of unfinished projects especially in my final year, the pressure was getting to each and every one of us and everything seemed like it didn’t have an end. Every morning was a harsh reality of the grave task ahead of each one of us, to not let ourselves down and to become nothing but the best no matter the circumstances.

Through all this I realized one important thing, that going to school for something you feel deep in your gut ,running through your bones, burning your insides, that something that puts you in the zone, that makes you hear music when there’s none…wait a minute, you probably think I’m talking about love right? But no, let’s not underestimate the power of passion by limiting it only to love. I realized that there’s something attractive about passion, the entirety of effort that goes into each step of the process…and passion summed up my 4 year campus story. So if you feel it in you, it definitely might not be easy but, go ahead and give it a shot…and by all means have fun while at it!

Hats off class of 2016.



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    Daisy Andati

    Wow! Dreams do come true. Indeed passion and positive vibes are true keys to success. Congratulations girl keep the flames burning.

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    nice piece.funny thing i was to go to law school too and i imagined all the things uve laid out.then i cancelled my registration lol. but anyways, best of luck in this journey uve started. :

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    Ernest Gichuru

    Luvly Piece MaryAnne.I truly relate,Go conquer.I know you have something Great in you and you will be Successful in the Market Place.

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