So end month is finally here good people! And just like that the month of August is over. People are smiling their way in and out of banks, pockets full, tanks full…the weekend seems like it’s going to be a bit heavy…and memories kind of sketchy. Well, that’s all part of the plan when the dollar is looking good, right?

Now gather around humans, here is what you’re going to do well before all that money is over. I’m not your financial advisor, I know…I know and neither am I a pro at financial discipline but one sure thing I know is that bills need to be paid, credit card balances need to be settled, groceries bought and a few miscellaneous things purchased. I know.

So now, I’m not asking for much, just look around you…your space, does it need a new favourite focal point, a splash of class and sass, a bit of art work here and there, does your space need de-cluttering to make it look bigger, does it need re-organization? Ask yourself some of these questions then get down to putting aside some money from that stack you have for the tiny little add ons you come up with for your haven. You don’t need to break bank for this by the way… here’s a link to some DIY’s that can get you sorted with items just within your reach! 

Also, combine our sessions and see what creative concept you can come up with. Turn those inspirations into action, at least make this next month more fun! And guys, share the ideas as well so that I and other readers can see whether your design challenge was a major investment. I bet you’ll have something to say!

Good bye Leo and hello there Virgo!



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