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Happy New month my people! So today I woke up thinking how this year has gone by fast…I mean, we are already on the 3rd quarter …a few more months and BOOM! Hello 2018!

Anyway, my chit chats aside, guess who’s back from her mini-trip and did a new DIY for you guys? Meeee! This DIY is a very nice way of covering up poor workmanship, stains, scratches and most of all to add character and fun to your drawers! Kitchen or dressers…and especially good if you don’t like seeing that white space in drawers because, well…it looks pretty darn boring.

I did an illustration concept with stripes mostly because they were an easy fix but eventually I can always change the design or cover it up using wallpaper! Yes, if you have some piece of wallpaper that remained after you re-vamped your house, instead of throwing it away, you can choose to use it by sticking it on in a decent fashion or you can cut stencils (a thin sheet with which a pattern may be produced upon a surface) in whatever shapes you want and spray right on! You can also experiment with circles or geometric shapes too! That’s how flexible this concept is!

I had some of the golden spray paint I’d been using for my previous DIY’s remain in the can so I decided to use that instead of purchasing another although, colours in your designs can vary depending on preference. If you make a mistake while trying to get your design, remember that…no design is bad… but if It looks a bit off, just call it art : )

I figured it can be a fun project for a family bond time or yea…if you’re bored. Way to pass time.

What I used;

  • Spray paint.
  • Black tape (to conceal areas I wanted unmarked).
  • Magazine papers (to cover on utensils inside the drawers /to prevent staining the insides with spray paint).



I used thin stripes at the beginning but progressively made the spaces bigger going down, just to make it look a bit different. 


Evenly sprayed spray paint

                                                jpeg before jpeg after

To boost your creativity,here’s some other images i found on Pinterest of the same idea that i found looking pretty interesting!

wallpaper dresser

Using wallpaper


using stencil


Using different paint colours

I hope you learnt something today!  Have fun D.I.Y-ing guys! : )

*peace and laughter*



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    Whether you paint the back, drawer sides, or just what you see from the front of the piece is up to you, but it’s best to be consistent.

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