Re-purposing wine bottles


My people! hi : ) How about the next time you have a drink you don’t throw away that bottle of yours?

It’s a DIY Saturday yaaaay! *crowd breaks into dance*

What you need;

  1. Empty wine/booze bottles.
  2. Spray paint of your choice (my favourite one is metallic gold).
  3. Newspaper (s).
  4. Black tape/musking tape or just normal tape. Even tight rubber bands could work if you want to create thinner stripes.


The Newspapers are to avoid a messy background/stains when spray painting and I used tape to help me create my simple patterns and to hold the newspaper to the glass on areas I didn’t want to get stained by the paint.


1. Prepare all your bottles ready to receive the paint. This means cleaning them especially so as to remove the stickers that usually accompany them. and wrapping the areas you don’t want to be spray painted. I was too excited to start…I can’t remember removing my stickers : )

When wrapping, Some of your designs  can go full length, others half-length or just adopt different stripe patterns…whatever you like, I’ve done a mix of the three so you can choose which one looks good to you!

IMAG2820 IMAG2826

2. Make sure there are no bubbles near the edges of the tape when you stick onto the glass, since the spray paint might sip through and destroy your design.

3. Shake the can really well before use, for about 30 seconds to a minute. This determines how evenly the colour comes out .There are written instructions on your spray can, so take a minute and go through them…DO NOT…ignore this step.

4. Test the paint after shaking it by spraying it onto a tester material. In my case, I used a glass to test. If the paint doesn’t come out even in colour, resume shaking.


5. Hold the spray can at least 15-30Cm off the wine bottle you’re spraying, I used 15 Cm because I figured that the 30 Cm wasted too much spray to the air.

6. Use light multiple coats all round instead of trying to spray one heavy coat, this helps prevent the paint from dripping.


7. Spray the first coat and wait about 10 minutes before spraying the second one, if at all the first one didn’t completely hide the glass.


8. The paint should be dry after an hour, set it where you want but just to be safe don’t go around touching it every 5 minutes. I know, the bottles look beautiful but RESIST temptation. Give it a few more hours for it to completely dry then you can remove the tape and newspapers to reveal your patterns : )



Ta-daaaa! The final products!i’m in looove!

Remember that rose flower you were given on Tuesday the 14th? It’s probably sulking in a colourless plastic water/juice bottle.Now, let it have a new home…the spray painted wine bottles!

Try other spray paint colours too!!Don’t only be limited to gold…as for me, I’m sorry but I’m limiting myself to gold.

Guys, I think at this point…those designs are the back bone of this nation. Try them out and happy Saturday you gorgeous people!

*peace & laughter*



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      Maryann Kariuki Post author

      Hi there! if you’re in Kenya, most supermarkets or hardware stores sell spray paint. You can inquire from the attendants about your preferred colour. Happy spray painting!

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