Anyone having a serious case of the Mondays like I am ? I’m personally of the opinion that weekends should be longer.  Say maybe till midday Monday? Then work starts Monday afternoon? So technically work would be starting right about now… hmmn.

Anyway guys, today’s article is rather interesting, especially for people who like being hands on with stuff during their free time. You see, the cycle of some tangible things in life is a beautiful story of a simple process known as up cycling which basically suggests that; what’s old is new again over time .Not only is up cycling valuable, but also ecological since it is basically re-using discarded objects (hence reducing waste) or materials in order to create a product of a higher quality or value than the original.

A case of the wine barrel .

Used wine barrels are usually pretty unsightly, aggressively boring, beat up, crummy … and you can pass them by easily not bearing in mind that after some cleaning up and touch ups, that arguably boring looking object can be used for decoration and for staging earthy –rustic scenes. Rustic and medieval to be extremely precise. From outdoor fire pits made from old wine barrels, light fixtures, pet beds, bar stools, storage shelves, beverage coolers ( ice chests), planters, chairs, tables, sinks  and so on, literally anything you can imagine. How cool is that? So cool. This is pretty much the beauty of an up cycled wine barrel.

Question though, anyone here with woodworking skills because making the items mentioned above need a little bit of forte, you know…not all of us were born knowing how to drill, hammer, sand and saw. Although the good thing is that there is no cause for alarm because the tasks are nothing dear Google can’t handle taking you through depending with what you want to make. So, polite warning: don’t start this project without the necessary tools of engagement and if you’re wondering…yes, you can buy wine barrels in Kenya in most interior decorating shops and online too.

That said and done, I can’t wait for you guys to see the very helpful and inspirational images by some of the most creative minds in the planet that I found and shared below. Courtesy of,,, ,, decorsnob,, homedit and pinterest.

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I hope you found today’s article interesting and helpful. I have an exciting project for this coming month!!  I figured November is pretty much consumed with all things men, from International men’s day on the 19th  to the kind of cheesy no- shave November that runs all through the month! Therefore I’m dedicating the whole of November issue (4 episodes) to be particularly centered on the Man Cave. Let’s call it the Man November …Movember maybe?

Guys….don’t fall in love with me just yet.

*peace and laughter*



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