Rust to lust- Automobile conversions


Humans…how’s your Friday looking.

(I have decided not to end that statement with a question mark because it sounds more gangster with a full stop hah!)

So now, lately, I’ve been having a thing…you know? Like how people have a thing for cars, a thing for houses and so on and so forth? (Ha-ha writing that has reminded me of my campus lecturer who loved to use that line).Mine has been a thing for old  trailers/buses/vans/…not just how rugged they look, but how amazing they look after they’ve been made into functional assets especially to host people or just relax in! (Can you imagine this already?)A bus…which is a house… hmmn. Some of these houses all round the world are being used as solutions to housing crisis for instance the one below,an invention of Tali Shaul, a psychotherapist, and Hagit Morevski, an ecological pond water treatment specialist from Israel.


image(s) courtesy of Pinterest

A friend of mine sent me a link to an old bus here in Nairobi that has been renovated into a beautiful and cozy Airbnb home! That is what inspired this article.I love that people in Kenya are actually starting to appreciate art to greater levels and I felt it such a great idea to re-use or better yet, pimp old buses! Functional or not, I am of the opinion that the whole bus design idea has brought about a new meaning of creativity without borders! Give me a bus and I’ll make you a home! (I should probably start such a campaign).

Some of the super cool bus house ideas i found while scouring the net;





Images courtesy of Pinterest.

So when the mechanic says that your car cannot be brought back to life…like its dead for real this time, don’t sell it as scrap metal (who does this though?) Just convert it into something more useful…a work of art!

Happy month of March people! (The month with not even a single holiday…tsk.)

*peace and laughter*



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