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Is it just me…or does the universe have an evil step mother side that works against you when you’re having a temporary money situation? Case in point, a few weeks ago, there was an emptiness in my soul, and also in my bank account. I had 100 shillings between me and…all I stand for as a woman. The devil being in the details, I got hungry. I love fries, put one and one together, I went to ‘my local joint’ … normally, they sell fries for 100 shillings so I never bother to check the menu but this time a tingly feeling in me made me ask for the menu…and oh wow, the fries were miraculously 150 shillings! Jeez! I was about to ask them for an easy-payment plan for the fries but instead…I stood, took myself and my dignity …and walked away, hungry and angry. I just felt like getting that story off my chest, so…

Speaking of restaurants, a friend of mine, willing to try something different was kind enough to share with me a concept he’s working on; Creative, colourful and inspiring, an innovative shipping container restaurant which I thought was worth talking about here! He wanted to create a temporary restaurant that in his words, looked cool and creative which led him to study containers and event stage setups then tried to marry nature and an industrial themed concept in his design.

Constructed from a single 20ft container for the kitchen area and a single 40ft container for the bar and restaurant area, both from re-purposed containers and utilizing solar tubes for artificial lighting when needed, the concept is geared towards a sustainable future. The best thing about it is that the structure is built in a way that if the client wants to relocate, they need not destroy anything, the concept is easy to dissemble and assemble without much technicality at the new site! How cool is this?

tutis 22


LRM_EXPORT_20170406_070651 (1)



Keeping it nice and simple, it has minimal modifications such as painting in bold red and the interiors with warm welcoming colours, cladding the exteriors for aesthetics as well as to counter different weather conditions, an electrical supply for the kitchen, providing ample lighting to the space, engineered wooden floors, timber and steel for the planters and furniture and several accessories to complement the space.

I’m sure when the design is implemented and completed, a wide selection of delicacies and treats will await its visitors!

Speaking of visiting, I’m taking an exciting trip down to the coast of my beautiful motherland this weekend! Hope to come back with great, new and inspiring content for you guys!* continues packing*

*peace and laughter*



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