Hello guys, so September is finally here …chilly mornings, hot afternoons? Who else is not feeling this weather? Like you actually don’t know what outfit to slip on, do you dress your age or your age in 40 years time? It’s a crisis out here I tell you. So anyway guys, my sincere apologies for not putting this post up soon enough…you know man is to err yeah? So as penance, I have an exciting mini project for the month inspired by these super hot September afternoons!!

What pops up in your mind when you see sunshine? Heat, sometimes warmth, the colour yellow (oh and probably the memory of your long lost ex.) I kid, or do I? … But let’s be modest and focus on the colour yellow for today…a colour which resonates with the left and logic side of the brain inspiring cheerfulness and fun.


Being the most highly visible of all colours, it creates a rich element when placed anywhere in your space. As a décor, or an object which is your accent statement and more so if you want to break a monotony of dull colours in your space, by using the right shade of yellow that resonates with you and in the right proportion.It is of importance to note that too much of yellow can be overwhelming…so don’t generously dish it out to your space , just a touch of it is enough to make you feel like sunshine on a rainy day!

here’s a link link to 3 ideas you can use to introduce a good pop of yellow up in your space. Hope it helps!

And guys, I just graduated, about a week ago … (yeah, go ahead and do the dance) so I’ll be sharing something interesting about that this coming week. Stay woke!





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    Broderick Gichero

    Your insights are so true. I had to read all. I hope to work with the mean time I’ll keep the lines in mind. Congrats.

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