The 3-hour wall


Hey hey good people! I was meant to post this article earlier but guys, this week had a week of its own so my sincere apologies. Now that I’ve settled in into this new month, the month of love and other drugs, I’m supper pumped to share with you an exciting project I did this past weekend! I know it’s already 5 days past the weekend and I should probably not be this excited but I am!

So I love it when clients give me the free will to do anything I want with their space, no rules no regulations…just space. Especially when it comes to colour selection because I love me some challenge. See, thing about being given a manual to follow, is that your creativity is limited to the norm and you may never get to fully unlock your creative potential. To be honest I’m not a fan of plain coloured walls so I try do something different and experiment with colour a little bit anytime I get a chance.

So I’m given this project; office kitchen space and an entire 150 square metres of office floor space on Friday evening and asked to colour code and apply paint on the walls and columns aaaand…the paint work has to be done by Sunday so that the office is nice and fresh and clean and …ready to be used by Monday morning. You guys.

This particular wall I want to talk about was an accent wall I chose for the kitchen, a striped yellow and white painted wall. I thought it was going to be an easy task, because I had it all planned out in my head but lo and behold!

You need 4 things before you get started if you’re planning on doing the striped wall;

  1. Musking tape (to define your lines and spaces).
  2. Paint (the bold colour of your choice and matte white to hide the previous colour, the amount depends with the size of your wall).
  3. Handy men (if you know how to paint then you’ll only need these ones to help with fixing the musking tape).
  4. PATIENCE… (Loads! But it pays in the end).

The painting process is a 5 step one;

  1. Fill any holes and cracks with a suitable filler to avoid bumpy looks.
  2. Sand and prime the filled areas. Priming helps with sealing the filler and keeping it in place. It’s advisable to sand and prime the whole wall to avoid a patchy look.
  3. If you’re painting over a dark colour with a lighter one, I’d advise that you paint at least two coats of basic white matte emulsion paint to stop the previous colour from showing through.
  4. Prepare your wall with musking tape, be careful to measure and divide the spaces equally if you want your lines to look similar. You could also choose to have it alternating small and large spaces but the lines MUST be straight.
  5. Finally, paint in full daylight, especially for the final coat so you can see how best the colour progress looks like.

How we started;

The matt undercoat (two layers) was applied at around 10am Saturday morning to hide the June vision green that had previously been painted on the wall, then we set out to work on the details from 12am till 3am Sunday morning. All I can say is thank God for siblings! My big brother who is a Quantity surveyor and also my associate helped a lot when it came to the whole project and with this particular wall, he set out to measure and fix the musking tape that was necessary in order to achieve balance and equal spacing in between. That alone took a good two hours…precision my guys.

We are advised to paint in full daylight but we painted at 2am (don’t try this at home…LOL!). Colours look different when exposed to different kinds of light settings (always remember that), in this case it was artificial lighting. I had spasms of mini heart and panic attacks especially when the sassy yellow paint was being applied because I was afraid that it would sip in to the white areas(but it did not!), took short walks, paced across the room…it was crazy. There was no time for mid-table mediocrity or second guessing and we couldn’t stop midway no matter how it looked…it had to be done! Luckily, it turned out great and the client loved it!






I had to take  a photo with my wall: )

I hope the images have given you a rough idea: )

PS: Don’t get alarmed with our time frames though, the paintwork went overnight because we had the other office space to work on so yours should only take 2-3 hours depending with the size of your space.

Guys, I hope you get to try that striped wall out sometime! Happy Friyaaay!

*peace and laughter*




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