So is it just me or you guys are also feeling as if part 1 of the laid-back throw kind of left you hanging and with questions, like…  “Wait, what is this thing she’s talking about?” It’s almost as if you’re getting it then the next minute you really are not sure if you’re getting it…well… me too… me too, but here’s the good part, today…everything will make sense. That’s why we have part two’s…even in movies, for everything to add up, yes? Yes.

Now that said and done, allow me to introduce to you;

The throw pillow

Don’t get alarmed. It’s just any kind of decorative pillow placed on a chair or couch, nothing complex. Throw pillows are used to add color and fun to a room just like throw blankets and come in just about any material you can imagine – from fine linen to burlap (a strong, coarse cloth used to make sacks). They can go in the bedroom to offer a design touch and extra comfort, or be tossed on a sofa or chair in the living room to tie in colour accents or emphasize a theme.

They were given the name throw or toss pillows because you literally throw them into place, so anywhere you need a splash of color, drama and design…throw a pillow!

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Keeping a simple palette allows you to have fun playing with the shape of the pillows (squares, rectangles, bolsters [the cylindrical ones] etc.) You can use a patterned throw pillow coupled with a solid coloured one, bold pattern (busy) plus a small pattern (less busy), a base of primary colours (red, yellow, blue), or even go a little Victorian and play around with florals! The magic trick about pairing floral prints especially when they appear to be clashing is to simply a third one, if that still clashes…add a fourth and a fifth until it all just works out. It’s a no fail formula.


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Depending with the size of your couch, (take for instance a three seater), two throw pillows on each corner and one in the middle are just enough for someone to get comfy. A sofa packed with more than five cushions can look messy and be difficult to sit on comfortably.

Throws are the cheaper way to add character in your space especially when one is living in a rental where your landlord is not the best person in the world to allow you to tamper with his/her walls. So when a can of paint is not an option, there is no easier or cheaper way to add color, pattern and texture throughout your home than with some brilliantly bold throws.


It’s a fun and playful trend to try in your home this season and I promise you that it’s a design trend on the cheap so don’t worry about paying an arm and a leg for it. You can find great budget-friendly pillows with a little hunting, I’ve stumbled upon a couple of pages on Facebook and Instagram, I’ll be sure to drop a name once I get a particular page but meanwhile, you can check supermarkets for normal pillows then custom make them with a fabric of your choice or check out Jumia (online) and you’ll probably get lucky!

To the gentlemen who have read this post, don’t shy away from the use of throw pillows and blankets  thinking it’s all girly and stuff… picture how using bold and darker shades of your favourite colour could bring that quintessential class and style for your abode…think about it.

As usual, here’s a link with tips on how to arrange toss pillows and throw blankets together to bring out the best in your space.

So guys, happy Friday and end of the month, I hope September was kind to you and yours, and hey there October: )

PS: Your questions and comments are always welcome.

Stay fly.



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    I love pillows and will definitely use this idea.. *it’s added on to do list*.. and btw wish you knew my joy seeing similar topic being discussed on TV after reading from you.

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