We’ve been nominated for BAKE awards!


People! It’s a beautiful week right? Right. I have answered my own question because no one is about to tell me otherwise. I just have the most beautiful news today!!! We just got nominated for BAKE (Bloggers Association of Kenya) awards and man, I just want to THANK YOU all so much! Our blog couldn’t have made it to this point without your continuous help, support and love. You are the most amazing audience.

Basically, the BAKE awards is organized by the Bloggers Association of Kenya and it has various categories with so many talented writers and content creators and they annually recognize and award such people. A pretty great platform to help bloggers grow, meet and mingle with other creative minds.

So guys, if you’d like to vote for meetrendy.com while you’re on the site, there’s a very simple option. If you’re using your phone, scroll right till the end where you’ll see a badge written “BAKE Awards 2018 nominee” click on it, it will take you to BAKE’s website. You’ll see a ‘VOTE NOW’ icon in red. Click on it and on the page that opens, write your simple details like; name, email address and phone number then scroll right down to category number 11 , BEST TOPICAL BLOG option B  http://meetrendy.com , click on that tiny circle next to “Vote here” then scroll down, answer that very simple question like “1+1” and click on SUBMIT ! Then you’ll get a text confirmation message with a verification code which you’ll then key in and you’ll be done with the process! Simple, right? If you’re using your desktop/laptop the process is still the same only that the badge is now on the right hand side, just below “Recent Posts.” You can also vote for any other of your favourite blogs while at it!

It’s been a beautiful journey and the Nomination alone is quite something, right? Right. I cannot thank you all enough. I wish you such a lovely rest of the week and weekend! Get to voting guys!

*As always, peace and laughter!*



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